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Valid birth certificates

There is a great deal of ruin in a nation. – Adam Smith, Scottish economist

The required form or substance of identification is a passport or an identification card with a recent photograph. Will a birth certificate with a newborn infant’s photograph on it be accepted by any government agency requiring proof of identity? But it is that birth certificate – without a photograph or thumbprint – that allows one to apply for an identity card. Endless possibilities to perpetuate fraud!

Why not a certificate of conception? One has to be conceived first before being born as a live human being. Loads of loathsome literature, litigation and legislation have evolved since William Blackstone’s Commentaries decided and declared when life began following gestation and conception.

Professor Prosser carved a niche in legal history when he declared that “the unborn child in the path of an automobile is as much a person in the street as the mother. . .” (Handbook of the Law of Torts, section 56, at 355, 3d ed. 1964).

Before he became President, Barack Obama was challenged to prove his certificate of live birth by business tycoon Donald Trump that escalated into an unnecessary esoteric debate on eligibility for the land’s highest office. Nobody questioned his birth certificate when he became Senator for Illinois. Politics is the end game, not law, justice or mercy.

The birth certificate of nation is supposedly its …


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