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Usucapion Unplugged

By Judge (Dr.) Te Whetu o Rongo

(Navin-Chandra Naidu)


It is because nations tend to stupidity and baseness that mankind moves so slowly; it is because individuals have a capacity for better things that it moves at all.
(George Gissing)


When the uninitiated eurosettler decided to engage with the highly evolved spiritual Indigenous People, the former was totally unaware that the latter “possessed unimpeded power of wisdom, transformation, and revelation inherent to us all. The eurosettler took refuge in describing these People as savages and heathens in whose veins coursed barbaric blood. These highly awakened People  possess the power of the universal, unbounded Consciousness as the potential for the individual seeker to know all “that lies beyond the confines of the mind and body while discovering a new vision of the mind and body revealing hidden dimensions with unimagined clarity. This Infinite Consciousness is described variously as Kundalini, Holy Spirit, Chi, Sophia, N’um, Saraswati, Tara, Prajnaparamita, bodhichitta, and many more,” as eloquently described by the eminent Lawrence Edwards, PhD, in his seminal work, Awakening Kundalini.


You cannot see this Infinite Consciousness with the blindness of the ordinary mind firmly attached to its inherent “I-know-it-all” delusion. Untutored minds that populate and occupy the limited mental capacities of most politicians’ consciousness is totally bereft of conscience which explains their “know all” mentality. It will not be unduly presumptuous that the Indigenous Peoples were most probably experiencing Infinite Consciousness while detached from the material world when the first landed eurosettlers went about claiming, staking, snatching, grabbing and stealing their lands all the time entertaining the thought that it would be of no consequence. Indigenous People do not experience a siege-mentality over this but they are somewhere between the fight-flight-freeze response with a presumably cavalier attitude knowing that nobody can steal or snatch away their Superior Consciousness. Indigenous People also know that land cannot be stolen and hidden from prying eyes. Most probably they laugh at the euorsettlers’ paper titles to land, paper constitutions, paper laws, and toilet paper. The infancy of political mistake is unmistakably evident in that the laws that were passed since time began in Botany Bay have been challenged, refuted and altered but not with full advantage to the Indigenous Peoples of Australia. .


I must, at the outset remind you, even caution you, that if these observations and opinions do not empower, encourage, enlighten or educate you as to what rogue government is doing to you, then please toss it into your fireplace as it may provide extra warmth on a wintry day simply because paper burns easy. This work of mine would have, at least, served some purpose, after all. That will make me happy. 


But, this is a serious work. I pray, trust and hope it will make a huge difference to egg Indigenous Peoples on to do great and mighty things that is their wont. Hundreds of years of political bullshit, bushwhacking and bloody lies ought to be enough since 1836 in Australia, and 1492 in the North American continent. Most assuredly, this perennial greed ought to be remedied, and permanently stopped by whatever means necessary. An unlit candle benefits nobody. I pray Indigenous People will light their candles and destroy the darkness that the “laws of the nation” has cast upon its people and sheeple.

Usucapion: the acquisition of property by lengthened  possession, a right under the civil law similar to that conferred by the positive prescription of our law.

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