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 a Latin word coined by SATTT meaning

“seize the gold.” 



What gives these Indigenous Communities the right, power and authority to use Carpeaurum? Indigenous Communities have de facto rights as opposed to de jure rights that belong to organised governments.

Judge Naidu wrote a great article to explain the difference between the government structures, worth the read. 

Duelling Dilemma: De Facto v De Jure

What’s the difference between de facto and de jure - In short, a de facto government or community receives its laws and rules from natural law – it has always been there, unchangeable, for over thousands of years; a de jure government means it receives its laws by manmade rule or law-making usually by elected legislatures. Both jurisdictions are recognised and endorsed by customary international law (one of the sources of enforceable law).

What laws authorise us to use Carpeaurum?

What laws authorise Carpeaurum in the USA – There are no known laws preventing Indigenous Communities from staking a claim to their God-given in-ground gold. They occupied and possessed all the land first before outsiders came as conquerors, colonisers, occupiers and settlers.

The use of Carpeaurum for de facto jurisdictions is authorised by Section 115 Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 31 Code of Federal Regulations 1010.100(m) and (zz); Title 25 United States Code, section 1301; Title 18 United States Code section 1151; and the 9th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Is Carpeaurum Currency?

Yes, it is as a medium of exchange, a store of value,  a unit of account, a method of payment and a means of settlement.
It is real money in the sense that it is not printed by government and given an artificial value and worth called “full faith and credit.”

Is Carpeaurum a legal tender – that’s the primary objective and goal of Indigenous Communities as spearheaded by SATTT. If other cryptocurrencies NOT backed by precious metals can make it in commerce based on mutual market acceptance, SATTT is convinced that Carpeaurum has a huge and bright future.

Will the de jure government accept Carpeaurum as legal tender – that doesn’t concern or bother us because we are not buying anything from the government using their fiat money but goods and services directly from manufacturers and producers who do not work for government, and are willing to accept Carpeaurum. The law of contract is premised upon the concept of “willing buyer, willing seller.”

Is Carpeaurum cryptocurrency – No, it’s digital currency backed by in-ground gold. “Crypto” suggests something secretive and concealed. Carpeaurum is not designed for such purposes. We wish to openly declare to the de facto and de jure jurisdictions that we are here and we mean business.

What  backs  Carpeaurum?

Carpeaurum is an in-ground asset that is un-mined and un-extracted gold.  Carpeaurum is eco-friendly. 

All geological surveys and assays by de jure governments proving the existence of in-ground gold is available in the public domain. The quality and quantity of these God-given precious metals which has become money for thousands of years is well documented in the official records of Papua, Australia, North America, Borinken (formerly Puerto Rico), South Africa Kindgoms and elsewhere.

What is the value and worth of Carpeaurum?

Carpeaurum – is pegged at USD900.00 per ounce.

Purchasers can obviously realise an instant profit of approximately USD900.00 based on the current price of gold.  Assuming someone purchases, say ten ounces of Carpeaurum. When can the Purchaser realise a return – The Purchaser has acquired a profit-sharing enterprise worth almost USD10,000.00 (ten ounces). In two-years, Purchasers may opt to hold on to their Carpeaurum for another two years, or redeem them at the end of two years based on the prevailing price of gold. The gains and profits are obviously significant. To clarify this Judge explains – when you purchase ten ounces of Carpeaurum for USD10,000.00, say today, you have actually purchased USD18,000.00 worth of gold based on today’s price of USD1,800.00 per ounce. Your profit today is USD8,000.00. In two years when the price of gold is, say USD2,100.00 per ounce, your USD10,000 worth of ten ounces will be worth USD21,000.00. You would realize a profit of USD11,000.00 in two years.

So, where does your profit come from to pay the Purchaser – every dollar collected for the sale of Carpeaurum is placed in a private placement program (PPP) with a tranche of at least USD10 million each. The credit/deposit multiplier definition gets into high gear as explained in Barron’s Dictionary of Finance & Investment Terms.

Carpeaurum and Court Judgements

Will Carpeaurum eventually be the system of exchange for PPP instead of fiat money – This is the primary goal and objective of Carpeaurum being in commerce.

Commerce Opportunities

Carpeaurum is an alternative money with worth and value attached. Every time you exchange Carpeaurum with another vendor, is said to be in commerce once it is accepted by producers of goods and services. As in economics, the value is based on supply and demand and over time an equilibrium price will prevail.  Today it is the  acceptor of goods and services who realises the worth and value of gold-backed digital currency.

The motivation for the supplier of goods and services to accept the use of Carpeaurum – tax benefits, freedom from government control and intrusion, business and commercial privacy, the placing of profits and gains in secret Trust, charitable foundations beyond government control are some of the measurable tangible advantages as afforded by de jure laws.

Does Carpeaurum have a capitalist thrust, or does it promote and advance capitalism – most definitely not, as we advance and advocate egalitarianism. None of us are born equal, but we have an equal right to every opportunity based on our learning and our inherent knowledge. “From each according to his abilities, and to each according to his needs” is our guiding light, motivation, goal and objective.


What can prevent Carpeaurum from becoming legal tender?

When every producer of goods and services sees no worth and value for in-ground gold. The price of gold whether in-ground or extracted has never been diminished, depressed or decreased because gold has always been a dependable and reliable medium of exchange, a store of value and a unit of account

Can de jure government prevent the use of Carpeaurum?

There are no known laws that we have breached or broken, so we are not concerned or bothered unnecessarily. Carpeaurum will enable Indigenous Communities to acquire peacekeeping forces to safeguard their lives, welfare and assets from theft and other forms of encroachment by de jure government-issued licenses and permits to rich and influential mining corporations.

Information derived from Judge (Dr.) Navin C Naidu, FAQ CONCERNING CARPEAURUM 12 March 2022





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