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The Global United Natives (G.U.N.) Initiative & Manifesto
- primum non nocere - 


Spearheaded by The Commonwealth of Secamtektek of North America (TheCost) to bring together global Indigenous Communities as a united and unified de facto front standing up to de jure governments that refuse to validate, acknowledge, endorse, respect and recognize Indigenous Peoples’ de facto inalienable co-equal sovereignty.

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Indigenous Communities, no longer dependent on organized government handouts, must get prepared to acquire and develop self-reliance, self-dependence, self-government and self-determination through organized economic and political models as designed by the G.U.N. Initiative & Manifesto.



Everyone encouraged to contribute his/her intangible assets by helping, brainstorming, and developing working solutions and lasting remedies. 
Email us your thoughts as a habitual practice

   1.    Financing being arranged using Indigenous Communities’ native land titles and subterranean

precious minerals as a base asset in international financial and banking initiatives;

   2.    Promoting Carpeaurum as de facto legal tender under applicable de jure laws and regulations;

   3.    Forging strategic alliances with other stakeholders with similar visions and missions;

   4.    Establishing G.U.N. embassies in various continents;

   5.    Entrenching Indigenous Peoples’ Courts of Equity to challenge de jure governments’ police power;

   6.    Training and deployment of at least 150,000 Peacekeepers to protect and safeguard Indigenous Communities under private and public international law;

   7.    Constructing Indigenous Communities’ houses, hospitals, schools, banks, and other infrastructure;

   8.    Emphasizing knowledge of socioeconomic and geopolitical issues;

   9.    Developing a working knowledge of law, justice and jurisprudence;


To be conscious of and be concerned about fake news, distractions and propaganda that is dividing global Indigenous Communities. Our traditions, customs and mores (CULTURE) is not for bargain, barter or sale. United and unified we survive and conquer; disorganized and disunited we continue to fail and fall.

Please contact the Leaders & Elders of TheCost, Carranya, Kabi, Papua Libertatum Veritas Ziklag and the Ancient Kingdoms of South Africa who have joined G.U.N.. Your admission is crucial and vital in uniting our Indigenous Communities necessary to enforce de facto initiatives.


Let’s Unite to stay United

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