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The age of disorder

 "Race and religion do not separate people, ignorance does." — Matshona Dhilwayo, Canadian author

The age of disorder is a persistent monkey on our shoulders. Man-made disorder is competing with Nature’s assaults. In the grand scheme of things, man alone is bent on self-destruction. It’s the very nature of the beast.

Malaysia is no stranger to this ominous age. Transparency, decency, dignity, and obedience to the laws are abandoned while other sinister government policies provide flickering shadows in this recurring wayang kulit.

Unabated disorder from government sponsored toxins intoxicate our society as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse — race, region, religion and the ringgit.  These are like four pillars in the temple of doom controlling the narrative.

Ruby Bridges summed it up nicely: “Racism is a grown-up disease, and we should stop using our kids to spread it.” We witnessed school children brandishing toy swords in support of a faraway war not long ago.

Disorder is the direct result of mental illness. All major religious texts and tenets mention this fact. There is growing evidence that the adage ‘peace comes with strength’ is a veiled threat to maintain disorder while betraying a sick mind.

We want peace. We got the firepower. This is Uncle Sam’s motto. But, when another superpower fires up its armaments-building programmes, political disorder erupts with threats of sanctions that create more disorder.

The aftermath of the 1969 general elections sadly entrenched the age of disorder when race and religion were relegated to symbols of perpetual disunity. The Rukun Negara, the Federal Constitution and other laws exist as silent sentinels and mere props in a macabre political theatrical production.

Thirsty vampires roam unchecked. Political witchcraft is rife. Whenever something good evolves, the naysayers feel threatened and insulted. This gives them the excuse, reason and purpose to spew thoughts into maddening words and action betraying severe mental illness.

Does the Madani government imagine and believe they can last with this age of disorder until GE-16? PMX chastised the troublemakers without calling for strict enforcement or implementation of the laws. This is demeaning. This is outrageous decaying disorder.

PMX is not without power to put an end to this madness. If he instructs the appropriate agencies to investigate, to check, to probe or to confirm, some imbecile will come out of the woodwork and claim that such executive actions are politicised. And he should not indulge defending his executive vantage point.

We have become a nation of lawbreaking leaders. “When the crowd is headed in the wrong direction, walk alone,” advised Matshona Dhilwayo. He added that “a right minority is superior to a wrong majority.” This is not rhetoric or polemics.

What do Malaysians have in their arsenals to upend the age of disorder? Do we have to rely on elections? Do we need experimental political systems to blot out recycled old folks in government hanging on to old ways, hopes and dreams?

Civil servants and judges are required to retire upon reaching 65 years. But not the prime minister and others above retirement age. Discrimination and double standards by the WIPs (Wealthy, Influential, Powerful) sustain greater disorder.

Malaysians do not forget that the age of disorder may have the undeniable and unstoppable power to ban and burn books, boycott scholars, blacklist intellectuals, banish dissidents, but they cannot blot out ideas. Ideas have consequences.

The Dewan Rakyat is a gladiatorial arena for the age of disorder to function and flourish as justification for a legislature. Listen to the psy…


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