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Stealthy salami slices

Every unnecessary law helps fashion the noose we will ultimately be hung by.

– A.E. Samaan, investigative historian

A salami attack, first coined in the 1940s by Hungarian politicians, imposes small, incremental changes to a system to steal small amounts of money or resources. The changes are often so small that they go unnoticed, but they add up to a significant amount when totalled. All insufferable governments engage in this stealth through unnecessary laws tacitly accepted by a complacent citizenry.

People eat salami in thin slices, and the person using the tactic takes thin slices off the other person, just asking for small concessions, one after another, and gradually, bit by bit, most of the value is taken off the other person. Government policies religiously follow this process.

Race and religion epitomise salami attacks that manifest as discriminatory imperatives. In the state of Victoria, Australia, gender equality is a typical salami attack. Male and female did God make in His image, but today almost every nation accepts the abomination called ‘gender equality’ which includes male, female and others who were allegedly born with different sexual inclinations and propensities. You face imprisonment if proven guilty of discrimination!

guilty of discrimination!

Race, religion, and region mean that equality is misquoted, misapplied, mistaken and misguided. Equity never works. Apathy reigns. Arrogance rules. The law-making organ of government is a non-stop machine conjuring deviations, disturbances, disruptions and distractions to an evolving class of sheeple who pine for the Pied Piper and his unnecessary laws.

As if the Rukun Negara doesn’t cut it, we now have another slice called Malaysia Madani. Slice by slice, we are given the basics of social engineering – good governance, honest services, eradication of corruption, tolerance, equality, national unity, prosperity, et al, like we need reminders as each new political regime comes into existence.

Customary (indigenous peoples’) land titles fell victim to the slicing machinations of elected de jure governments that appropriate native lands for territorial expansion in exchange for border security necessary to keep the bogeyman discouraged and disadvantaged. Another slice is put on the plate of written laws justifying all the slices required, needful and necessary to gradually tighten the noose. Not an unwinnable war.

Politics is a busy kitchen where salami attacks are designed...


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