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January 25, 2023 Truth bombs

De jure regimes are constantly bombarded by de facto jurisdictions, especially when claiming actions for the recovery of land. This involves everything above the land, beneath the land, and around the land. This is accepted, endorsed and known in de jure language as a Latin common law doctrine: cuius est solum, eius usque ad coelum et ad inferos, in short, the ad coelum doctrine. This is the primary claim for property holders. This is one of the legal, lawful and legitimate defences available to the property holder/property possessor who was first in point of time as steward and custodian of the land.

Hundreds of courts of law have issued judgments in favour of Indigenous Communities, but enforcing these judgments is in another galaxy of justice requiring a different mode of astral transportation.

This doctrine has been made wholesome, and given the effect of law, in reference to the Holy Bible’s Old Testament reference in Leviticus 25:23 where the Creator God claims ownership of all land and water as created by a Grand Designer. Most Christian nations should know this for a reliable truth bomb read together with Psalm 24:1.

The sad, bad, and mad part of this truth is that nations claiming to serve the Lord Jesus Christ continue to violate, breach, break and insult God’s Laws because of greed and not need. Come Sundays, millions of churches around the world hold worship sessions whose popularity depends on the “prosperity Gospel”. I have labelled these Christian nations as Took Took Tribes – they simply took, took and continue to take as if theft is legal, lawful and legitimate in the name of democracy. Or is it demoncrazy?

Nowhere on God’s Earth was this more rampant and relevant than in North America where “manifest destiny” was God-ordained for the explorer-conqueror-settler to take and take from Native Americans until dispossession became a hackneyed phrase. Treaties, covenants, declarations and subsequent legislation were concentrated on the doctrine of taking and taking ad infinitum. Police power as expended by Sitting Bull stopped the likes of George Armstrong Custer for a spell until the strong arm of military superiority came to lead.

In certain continents, the forced taking of slaves became easier than stealing land. The South Sea Company was established and formed as a British joint-stock company in January 1711, created as a public-private partnership to consolidate and reduce the cost of the national debt. To generate income, in 1713 the company was granted a monopoly to supply African slaves to the islands in the “South Seas” and South America.

Imagine if African and Native American...


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