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Decadent dicta and dogmas

The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present.

– Abraham Lincoln, 16th US President

In every sphere and corner of society, and in every realm of human activity, dicta and dogmas define, dictate, and determine who we are in discovering and realising the purpose of life, and the reason for existence. We are still lost in the labyrinth of normalcy.

It has been said that when we blindly adopt a religion, a political system, a literary dogma, a philosophy, we become automatons. We cease to grow. But we seldom seek exit and escape routes.

Ideas produce dicta and dogmas that are unwelcome, worthless, and usually lopsided, but when it’s officially accepted, or forced into our collective psyches, it becomes government policy. Ideas always begat consequences.

Government manufactured dicta and dogmas are delusions assuming intellectual gladiatorial feast and duels. Secrecy — see Article 43(6), Malaysian Federal Constitution (FC) — helps.

Dicta and dogma create suspect belief and fake knowledge. This is exactly what government does in secret while planning and plotting pernicious policies.

Take the ‘rule of law’ as an example. What does it actually mean? It is certainly not from a higher non-human source. Do we need proof and evidence that the cosmos and all of Nature is the cause, reason and purpose of a higher non-human source?

In 1977 the man-made rule of law embarked on a peculiar trajectory when the judicial oracle declared, inter alia, that “another salutary principle to observe is that this is not a court of morals, and I am not to allow any moral disapproval to colour my judgment on matters of fact”. See PP v. Harun Idris [1977] 1 MLJ 15. In jurisprudence, it is an open secret that a mind opened by wonder is preferable to that closed by belief.


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