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Winners and whiners

Winners practise nuances of contentment with noticeable endurance. Whiners find contentment with their inalienable tendency to moan, groan, haw and hem over everything with unbridled petulance.

Winners effortlessly convert every unfortunate event into an opportunity to find solutions and remedies. It has been said that the feeble soul merely whines and complains.

Whiners can fool you into believing that they are aiming for perfection while not acknowledging their own imperfections.

Mark Twain was referring to born-again winners when he observed that “continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.” On the other side of the river stand the whiners worrying endlessly like paying a debt they don’t owe.

The political arena is full of whiners feigning a winner’s attitude. They flash smiles to waiting press photographers after a criminal indictment, and the media publishes these pictures!

Politics is the only blurry and murky discipline where losers and whiners find a sense of proportion and stability. It helps them get worse, but with bulging bank accounts courtesy of ill-gotten gains.

Whether whiners can become winners depends entirely on their ability and capability to change their thinking. A very few succeed since they whine for all the right reasons and purposes.

The Malaysian education system is a constant whine where every known expert, with noble intentions, condemns and curses the status quo. But nary a workable reform. The recurring nightmare never quits. How do you stop a nightmare? Quit sleeping?

The voting system is also in the doldrums. No amount of whining can change this deep state controlled maniacal mechanism come Bersih or highwater. The only reform that makes sense is zero voter turnout.

What exactly do ministers do without the civil service? Every piece of legislation earmarks and underscores a minister’s power and authority for his or her discretion. Is that winning?

Whiners in politics find a safe and secure haven for mediocrity. Meritocracy is the heaven for winners. Winners soar with eagles while whiners bore like clucking turkeys. You can’t miss them.

We had a two-timing two-time prime minister who never really had a winning streak but a mean whining trait. He wore it on his sleeve. He condemned everyone. Lately, he is shooting himself in his foot and mouth. It could be mad cow disease.

Some Malaysian social clubs are a veritable sanctuary for winners and whiners camouflaged as egotists, egoists and egomaniacs. These maniacs thrive on nothing but their deep-rooted fear of being ignored, unquoted or un-consulted.

The Societies Act 1966 accommodates many undesirable clauses that encourages undesirables and whiners to gain popularity with an acute sense and awareness of social clubs’ vote banks.

Our laws are not designed and structured to discourage the whiners and troublemakers who form groups as an insatiable…


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