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Unscrambling the omelette

"We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them."

. Albert Einstein, German theoretical physicist

Undoing things once done is not impossible, but a veritable challenge to sanity.

In the business of politics, law and government, unscrambling the omelette, un-ringing of the bell, pushing the genie back into the bottle, and shoving toothpaste back into the tube become an agonising vocation.

As crystal ball gazing voting citizens, we must keep asking the government why they insist in doing things that are obviously silly, wrong and unworkable. A rhetorical answer and a series of inconsistent responses is the normal expectation.

When trying to understand this recurring nightmare, the political landscape reveals a terrain of unfinished business. This is the agenda of every government that gets appointed or elected.

Many of our laws have design and structural flaws. The Prevention of Crime Act 1959 (Act 297) with its lofty promise is a daily reminder of the lack of enforcement strategies. There are many such thorns in our statute books.

Chapter 4, Articles 83-91 of the Federal Constitution (FC) relates and refers to land which will baffle semanticists, grammarians, and phonologists, and drive them up the wall when it comes to encoding or deciphering its actual intent and purpose. The key question is always centred on who actually owns the land – the people, the government, or both? Constitutional silence can be bellicose.

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