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Unborrowed visions

"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality."

Warren G. Bennis, American author

America, born in the bowels of rebellion, was conceived from an unborrowed vision that thrust life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as the principal apparatus of and for governance. It was a tall order that got taller since 1789.

The concept that a creator thinks and the parasite copies gripped America after World War 1 when it began poking its nose in the affairs of other nations copied wholesale from England, the home of political thinkers and tinkerers who believed in the Anglo-Saxon ‘manifest destiny’ of discovery, conquest and occupation.

‘Discovering America was like a four-year old discovering the family refrigerator in the kitchen,’ quipped a Native American chief observing widespread purloining of his orang asli land.

The concept of unborrowed vision beginning with Socrates found lasting refuge in the marketplace of governments with options ranging from an absolute monarchy to totalitarianism with shades of democracy, ergatocracy, timocracy, and even a hint of patriocracy.

Borrowed visions have wrought unspeakable chaos and mayhem caused by weak links and weaklings found in deceitful and dysfunctional leaders who get elected time and again!

Did Malaysia envisage an original plan for governance, or did it borrow someone’s vision? You certainly cannot see yourself clearly if you are wearing someone else’s spectacles. Leaders don’t see this.

The Malaysian spectacles are delightfully different. Natives of Malaya, Borneo Territories, Malays, Chinese, Indians, and others weave beautiful patterns in a social fabric that is significant, distinct and unique, not only due to its refreshing diversity, but its eclectic way of life that is the envy of homogeneous societies.

But the borrowed vision of ethnocracy has poisoned the waters of Malaysian society. We actually pay legislators and other public officials to stoke and foment ill-will, disaffection and hatred based on personal vicissitudes. Laws are tweaked and twisted to satisfy strange policies.

Malaysia’s tapestry of diversity is a great boon that has not dug deep enough roots. Its shoots are unimpressive. Those elected and appointed holding the public trust have no clue how to handle this fabric of society. There is a difference between a fragile piece of fabric and a preciously delicate one.

Borrowed vision has produced a well-planned highly biased education system that is contaminating the talent pool. “The supreme end of education is expert discernment in all things – to tell the good from the…


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