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The W-I-T-H Wedge

Organised government is organised chaos like an unassembled jigsaw puzzle.

Lakota Native American chief

W-I-T-H – acronym for Why-Is-This-Happening – has staying power. The discerning public is condemned as being offensive because it is constantly thinking and questioning the status quo. Some are battered as seditionists.

The Wedge was researched and innovated by the founders of an Australian metaphysical forum, 3-Omniversity, in Noosa Heads, Queensland, that uses the lenses of praxeology and axiology to offer lasting solutions to complex issues of life.

The Wedge is, admittedly, a government monopoly led by unhappy and irresponsible officials incapable of being happy themselves. Yet, voters select and elect them like a knee-jerk reaction.

Arthur C. Brooks made a profoundly motivational observation: “Whether we look at capitalism, taxes, business, or government, the data shows a clear and consistent pattern – that 70 percent of Americans support free enterprise and are unsupportive of big government.”

Motivated Malaysians have the capacity and capability to get ahead if they ignored government, and instead concentrated in creating wealth for themselves within the contours of existing legislation. There are enough societal problems and snafus that provide opportunities to encourage wealth-creating enterprises.

Take education, for example, as a wealth-creating enterprise for stakeholders and beneficiaries despite section 46 of the Education Act 1996 that mandates government’s registration and regulation of private education institutions. Shrewd and astute overcomers blazed a new trail notwithstanding Merdeka University Berhad v Government of Malaysia [1982] 2 MLJ 243.

Traditionally nurtured and groomed in Parliament, the Wedge provides the misleading government truism that some people can be contented some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.

Personality traits of unfit politicians and rudderless political parties inevitably promote and encourage the Wedge. That’s the unfortunate consequence of genetic miscalculations as witnessed in the behaviour and conduct of some aimless MPs.

There are no laws requiring psychological tests for reckless politicians seeking office. Frustratingly, law reform is a zero-sum game. Mandatory clinical tests are utterly necessary for the safety, security, sanity and sanctity of the nation.

Politicians resist and desist any and all attempts to improve their standing and stature in the eyes of the public in the context of meritocracy. Winning an election by a super-majority doesn’t make the winners super-human.

A misguided electorate is the other cause of the Wedge. The uninitiated to the niceties and complexities of pre-eminence will never see class, but instead be persuaded and influenced by crass pursuits aided and abetted by false advertising and marketing scams.


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