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The unlearning society

"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but

those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn."

– Alvin Toffler, American author

Natural Law is descriptive and prescriptive in proving that the only society that can survive and sustain itself is one that unlearns everything that was forced by peer pressure.

The Roman philosopher Cicero warned against altering or amending Natural Law – that inherent Teacher that nobody can deny or avoid. All of mankind’s problems were caused by defying and defiling Natural Law.

And it’s no surprise that Natural Law caused, created and encouraged legal positivism (man-made law). Ronald Dworkin warned: it’s a tug-of-war between the liberal theory of law and the ruling theory of law. Between good and evil.

Malaysians have huge burdens to discard in order to unlearn  the errors, horrors and terrors since 1981 with precision and focus upon Article 10(2)(a) Federal Constitution – ensuring security, public order and morality (Natural Law).

What we must learn is political morality. The pipeline of the Federal Constitution, as the supreme law of the land, should not be clogged with the sewer of political immaturity and immorality.

We must unlearn the rage perpetrated by race, religion, region and the shrinking ringgit fed and fuelled by embarrassingly shallow and narrow-minded government policies.

When do we unlearn MA63 that scoffs customary international law, while mocking public international law to shamelessly violate our political conscience? Johor’s TMJ had a valid point recently when he asserted equal partnership status for Johor.

When a government that’s addicted to ruling, reigning and running rabid refuses to pursue a national policy of unlearning past mistakes that encourage future catastrophes, then the learning of, by, and for the public must commence in full force.

The new Proposition feigning government is the old Opposition, and vice versa up to a point. It’s not about old shoes, new brooms and living tyrants. Unlearning meaningless political philosophies should be the principal focus in a heterogenous society to grant the Madani government credibility.

The People decide, select and elect. Appointments conferred on unelected and unselected people by the people we select and elect is unpalatable and unacceptable. We need to make every effort to unlearn this patronage madness.

Why wax eloquent about corruption when enforcement is a dismal experiment, a lame excuse and an uncomfortable experience. The new norm should be ‘GALLOWS FOR THE CORRUPT’. Stay quiet, anti-death penalty diehards. Pun intended.

We must unlearn the spoilage created by the lack of the exercise of a fiduciary duty (duty of loyalty) between the powerful (government) and the powerless or vulnerable (the governed). Human dignity is not a debatable option.

Parents, teachers, students and the discerning public should lead the unlearning process to get rid of Public Enemy Number One granted unfair rights and unjust privileges under the prescriptive Education (Amendment) Act 2002 despite the authoritative Article 12, Federal Constitution.

PMX should take a long drive from Butterworth to Johor Bharu to see firsthand the insult our verdant and fertile land and soil tolerate by giving sustenance to useless foliage instead of the cultivation of cash crops.

Government be aware that land and soil cannot be owned, only possessed, under English common law. See G. Cheshire and E. Burn, Modern Law of Real Property (15th edn. London, Butterworths, 1994).

The rural areas of mainland China use every square foot of land and soil for cultivating cash crops. More than a billion people to feed. Importing food products is out of the question.

Malaysians have a lot of unlearning to engage in. For example, why should financial literacy be the constant companion of the elite? Must the middle class become autodidacts to learn the ropes of wealth creation, and unlearn the ignorance.

Why isn’t political science, basic economics and psychology being taught in schools for those in Year 7 and beyond? Learning institutions must unlearn their goals of creating workforce opportunities for their students, and instead teach them, if at all possible, the purpose of their lives.

National unity!! Great idea. But can an Orang Asli, a Native of Sabah and Sarawak, a person of Indian, Chinese or Portuguese descent, or from miscegenated parents aspire to become prime minister? Diversity, inclusion and equity. Really? We have to unlearn these deceptions, too, and in a hurry.

National unity must only mean unlearning our past miscalculations, mistakes, and misconceptions. We must unlearn the misinterpretations wrought by Article 8 (Equality) and Article 153 (Reservation of quotas, services and permits, etc., for Malays, Natives of Sabah & Sarawak), Federal Constitution.

Yes, religion teaches morality, equity, equality, peace and progress that can lead to socioeconomic and geopolitical prosperity. But when religion is weaponised, it loses its worth and value as a safe haven.

Yes, race is inevitable. We could not select our parents. We are who we are even when we convert from one creed to another. But using race to stir and stoke disharmony and disruption must be unlearned.

A mindful Proposition and a watchful Opposition have the potential to offer a winning combination with responsible leadership. Are we ready, willing and able to be responsible?

A government that cannot deliver the necessary and needful is guilty of auctioning security, public order and morality. It should bow out. Religion teaches that.

A nation run by incompetent demagogues will self-destruct.


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