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Ninety percent of bad politicians give the other ten percent a bad reputation

Henry Kissinger, American geopolitical consultant

The perennial migraine that beguiles the electorate, confuses the hoi polloi, and enrages the awakened is to witness those UFO (Unfit For Office) as standard bearers of a functioning kakistocracy.

Former British prime minister Boris Johnson was dubbed an UFO person when the media reported that the “Tories have elevated a cavorting charlatan to the steps of Downing Street, and they expect a full forfeit when voters get the message.”

A political observer had this to say about UFOs: ‘a silver-tongued charlatan and a half-wit society are made for each other. They meet at an election when a great disaster is occasioned with the charlatan coming to power.” Devastatingly and shamefully true.

U.S. President Joe Biden is another UFO, according to a merciless media frenzy which claims that Biden’s constant surrender to gravitational forces may force his eminently UFO Vice-President into the White House. Uncle Sam lives in mortal fear at this prospect.

Lawyer and author Robin Sharma innovated the thought that ‘leadership is not about a popularity contest; it’s about leaving your ego at the door. The name of the game is to lead without a title.’ But the official adulation for public figures is distressingly ludicrous in many governments.

The civil service is faithfully made available to shore up the UFOs with administrative support. These buffer and comfort zones help the UFOs to be poster boys and girls for various unproductive, devious and meritless government policies.

The criminal service meanwhile, despite the Prevention of Crime Act 1959, is in full swing. But the Act, at first blush is, at best, a defective advertising campaign with zero benefit to the public. PDRM’s top brass claim a drastic house-cleaning exercise is in progress.

Our constitution, statutory laws, common laws, rules, regulations; in fact, our political cults do not prioritize meritocracy. Imagine the outcomes if such laws were in force - there would be thousands of unemployed federal officials (UFO?) - brain sprain, brain pain, and brain drain gone in a flash.

A political scientist once said that banana republics ruled by monkeys is the best panacea for a corruption-free government. They would go after only bananas. He then thundered on: ‘I don’t know what’s worse, a corrupt politician or a monkey with a machine gun.’

Voter awareness as to their rights is one sure way to steer clear away from the UFOs standing for elections. Voters must be able to differentiate between a politician working for his/her pocket, and one working for the nation’s pocket.

The resumption of the jury system would be a great boost to motivate voters to be extra confident of their duties and obligations as representatives of a responsible society. This is real and meaningful law reform.

Voters must also learn that it’s not about right or left-wing politics. When the awakening comes that it’s about being right or wrong, then we sit on our laurels knowing that we have nurtured a mature electorate.

Voters have the right and privilege to invest in their politicians, and expecting a return on their investments. Voters must demand answers from politicians. A weekly migraine to their elected representatives in state and federal legislatures should be refreshingly rewarding.

Leaving politicians to do ‘their thing’ in the legislature is an irresponsible proposition. Who needs their ideas and concepts to take root to bring forth false shoots? The grassroots must insist on being constantly listened to so that parliamentary debates and discussions will have proportion and purpose.

Malaysian media outlets and podcasts are full of strange and bizarre reports of politicians giving vent to their twists, turns, plans and plots concerning major and minor issues plaguing the government’s KPI (Key Political Intentions). Unwanted headaches are unwelcome.

Malaysia desires recognition as a key player in global politics, but the rage bridging race and religion prevents it from achieving global respect as a haven for good living. We seem more interested in attracting tourists as a band-aid therapy when major surgery is required to excise suspect government attitudes.

Many say that as long as the private sector keeps the economy running and operational, Malaysians have nothing to worry about. After all, truth be told, the government produces nothing except printing the national currency. And research shows that even that is privatized!

UFO types must be gallant, honorable, and patriotic by resigning and staying away from the public trust. Even when they think they have shunned their past, they must not think that the past has shunned them.

A nation with a few good and trustworthy politicians is like a body having only a few good organs - unenviable for a healthy government.

God forbid when the UFO phenomenon hits the judiciary because of political appointments. America stands tall in this arena where money talks for the high price of free speech and the selling of democracy.

“Politics is not a bad profession. If you succeed there are many rewards; if you disgrace yourself you can always write a book,’ courtesy President Ronald Reagan.

Beware the UFO who causes the violent wind of discontent, and wants you to believe that government is like licking honey off a thorn. That is cruel and unusual punishment for a voting public.


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