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The dystopian dilemma

"I think dystopian futures are also a reflection of current fears."
– Lauren Oliver, American author

The right is condemning the left, and vice-versa in North America; the anarchists are condemning the separatists, supremacists and extremists; the revolutionaries are condemning the do-nothings; the politicians are blaming each other while fattening their bank accounts; philosophers are frowning on the tenets and strictures of the ancients; economists are blaming the politicians; religion is blaming the devil; and corporations are laughing all the way to the bank as they finance the right, the left, the separatists, anarchists, extremists, politicians, economists, bankers, the religious fanatics, and all other inhuman institutions.

A dystopian society is an imaginary and terrifying world in which aristocratic and totalitarian power forces control citizens’ way of life. A dystopian society can happen when power, money and dominance shift to the elite handful of people in the form of a ruling government, and corporate titans with their fingers on the control levers 24/7. Like the devil that doesn’t take a vacation.

This is a dystopian dilemma where the chances of the worst getting worse is a safe bet. This is the world all peoples choose to live in by ands through the ballot box because dictators are a dying breed. Some even resign, and then ask whether a dictator would resign!

And recently, a male rapist in the UK decided he wanted to be a woman so that he would be sent to a female prison. ‘Transing’ is becoming a fashionable societal norm. Gradually, sexual orientation is a human rights issue that should not be subject to debate or discussion because some were ‘born that way.’ Discriminating against...


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