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The baring of fangs

When the government smiles, the rattlesnakes run for cover.

Sitting Bull, Lakota Sioux Native American chief

The baring of fangs is usually an expected event when the recipient of the naked truth, bereft of embellishments and improvisations, is unable to agree or accede to the demands for reform and resolution.

Lee Kuan Yew saw the fangs of the Tunku when the latter expelled Singapore. Some Malaysian social clubs must learn that some expulsions are endearing and enduring blessings.

The sole author of the Constitution of India, by default, B. R. Ambedkar scorned M. K. Gandhi and said he would never call him “mahatma’ because he bared his fangs over the Dalit issue (Untouchables) which was Ambedkar’s sole occupassion. He quipped that ‘it is hard enough to be a man, but to be a saint may require a superman. . . ‘

We suffered a chief executive who was constantly baring his fangs for 22 years. He’s still at it after stepping down, and continues to expel his venom which proved impotent as evidenced by the GE15 voters when his party was rejected, and all his candidates lost their deposits.

That baring of fangs is a good sign for Malaysian politics since it speaks volumes for the benighting of a has-been politician who made it a national policy to do things ‘his way.’

No. 10 has of late not been spared his own forays into the baring of fangs on several occasions concerning the death wish heaped upon two politicians, the silencing of a state chief minister for claiming real estate belonging to another state, and an immigration department’s alleged corruption at KLIA. He needs to keep baring his fangs to stem the green tide as well.

But the baring of fangs with deadly venom is best aimed at decapitating corruption, shoring the ringgit, fighting inflation, and solving the chronic labor shortages, green tide notwithstanding. Too many things have gone awry and remain painfully awful.

The leadership’s fangs must be...


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