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  • Dr Navin C Naidu

Sovereignty of native courts

We are tired of environmentalists, anthropologists, church-related organisations, and other specialists speaking for us and using us for their self-interest. Please respect our self-determination to make our own decisions.

– Tasha Yawanawa, chief of the Nixiwaka Yawanawa Tribe,Brazil

The time is nigh for Sarawak’s native court to address and remedy the constitutional and legal atrocities birthed by the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) since the intrusion of the executive branch of government is ousted by Article 145(3) and Article 76(2) of the Federal Constitution (FC), the supreme law of Malaysia (Article 4).

We have ample legal expertise locally and regionally that can be mobilised to come forward to aid, assist and guide Sarawak’s native court judges to find judicial solutions with far-reaching effects and responses in international forums and tribunals.

There are mechanisms in place to encourage the elimination of political trickery, chicanery, deceit and deception that renders indigenous populations in perpetual disenfranchisement after being regular insulted with political promises.


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