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Smoke and mirrors

Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.

– Andre Malraux, French statesman

In an obviously lucrative effort to hide the obvious, government builds unnecessary walls or rules or laws to maintain a weird sense of reality, and when they fall away, we’re left with a whole array of illusions. Beware and be wary of smoke and mirrors in every institutionalised belief system.

As non-consensual citizens, wards and subjects of the state, we are consoled by regulation, not innovation. Protesting is non-consequential. Cover-ups in government reflect the political right to sustain smoke and mirrors to distort and refract reality.

Needful and necessary legislation fails to pass muster because they disturb the rice-bowl of image consultants, puppeteers, propaganda pundits and spin doctors who are paid to do the very opposite of what is decent, dignified and developmental.

A discerning public, as whistleblowers, has built a powerful and potent mechanism to catch smoke and mirrors. Law reform is an insult to art. 162(6) Federal Constitution (FC) when judges look askance to the legislature instead of exercising their constitutional right to tweak unjust legislation.

When purpose is replaced by reason, excuse and justification for advancing weird politics, we see the thin edge of the wedge that divides, polarises and conquers. Laments and comments concerning unity become trite and fake. Politicians are invariably hard-wired to staying in power by any means deemed necessary.

If people-centric politicians genuinely and honestly believe that they are willing to serve the nation, we will see rapid economic recovery and prosperity rise to greater heights. Blessed with fertile soil, we imported RM60 billion of food in 2022! Are we endorsing officially approved smoke and mirrors?

A vast majority of career politicians see smoke and mirrors as the perfect getaway. It’s a crying shame that they are unable to transform a crisis into an opportunity. There’s a psychological edge to this entire sordid mess.

Believe it or not, the Americans have dedicated March 29 each year to mark the National Festival of Smoke and Mirrors Day to celebrate magic!

Legislation encourages the smoke and mirrors culture which tries...


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