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Neo-science, non-science and nonsense

"All of science is nothing more than the refinement of everyday thinking."

– Albert Einstein, theoretical physicist

Everyday thinking, or ‘stinking thinking,’ neatly separates and distinguishes neo-science, non-science and nonsense, and catalogues them for mental blockades, silly arguments, useless debates and inevitable migraines.

Even nonsense has a spot. You can only make sense of nonsense if you have refined your thinking that is geared to finding solutions instead of accepting consequences.

Bogeyman Covid-19 came very close to straddling neo-science, non-science and nonsense, or at best junk science. The entire global medical fraternity, including the World Health Organisation, were questioned by sheeple who grudgingly accepted vaccinations, and people who vehemently refused such human experiments.

Experts wore resigned looks that confirmed all doubts whether anti-Covid-19 vaccinations were universal to everyone regardless of their blood groups. Many have suffered debilitating side-effects from the vaccinations. The US Supreme Court last week handed down a judgment denouncing the manufacturers and purveyors of these insidious vaccines.

If it is not an art, then it becomes a science with formulae, methodologies and user-friendly manuals. The consumerism gene is well-oiled and well-entrenched. The people are hoodwinked into believing anything that appears in print.

Propaganda gurus and spin-masters…


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