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Mamikalal menace

"Information is the currency of democracy."
Thomas Jefferson, 3rd US President

The inception of government from a distant past, slowly but surely, created the menace of mamikalal – acronym: more and more is known about less and less – designed, structured and applied to the dumbing down of the masses by arresting vital information. Disinformation is only information the masses receive.

Public order, and law, can only function if and when land, labour, capital and entrepreneurship are distributed to all, especially the needy. Some will jump to say that this is socialism. It’s actually altruism – empathy and sympathy for fellow human beings who are unable to claim a slice of the economic pie owing to lack of opportunity in gaining education and/or gainful employment.

Mamikalal is state-sponsored to keep the public in the dark about the affairs of state. Who decides what’s best for everyone? Are decision-makers controlled by private interests who supply campaign funds for elections? There is a distinct disconnect between the powerless, the powerful and the power-brokers.

The media claims it does its best to keep the public informed. “When I don’t read the newspaper, I am uninformed; when I read it, I am misinformed,” is the usual refrain of those tolerating a secret society of government officials who threatens enquiring minds and mouths with the Official Secrets Act. Some blame the ‘deep state’. The people responded to the deep state with secret societies.

The mumbo-jumbo of economics as taught and practised is nothing but advanced by mamikalal. Kamran Mofid observed in Globalisation for the Common Good (2002) that “economics, as taught in our universities worldwide, bears a major responsibility for the existence and persistence of global economic crises. Self-interests weaken true human values of community good, morality, ethics and justice”.

The injustices wrought by mamikalal is legion. Mason Gaffney and Fred Harrison in The Corruption of Economics (1994) described the rot thus: “Muddling of students’ minds, rationalising free-riding landowners, taking dignity from labour, rationalised chronic unemployment, hobbled society with counter-productive tax tangles, marginalised the obvious alternative system of public finance . . . and leading us into nasty and dangerous control by the super-rich (plutocracy).”

Food, shelter, clothing and other goods are produced by human effort, but not land. It’s always been available and accessible by early human settlers who built settlements using sweat equity. But no, government says it ‘owns’ the land. When that government gets replaced by another government, that new government now owns the land. Pure legislated theft.

All religious scriptures address the issue of land…


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