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Bracing for the emergence of a Malaysian civilisation is not a utopian pipedreamif we adroitly learn to ignore, prevent and outlaw racism, religious extremism, petty prejudices, and fools. Nagging distractions, insidious infractions and coming attractions jostle for attention.

It is universally accepted that a great civilisation refers to a highly advanced society that has made significant contributions to human development in various fields such as science, technology, philosophy, art, literature or governance. They leave a lasting impact on future generations.

What’s stopping Malaysia becoming a great civilisation? We have everything – human capital and natural resources.  The whole wide world of opportunities waits to be exploited. Carpe diem – seize the day – I say.

Our laws and our Federal Constitution, if expertly interpreted, explained and applied, will yield a mature society of learned men and women not necessarily in black robes and woolsacks.

Take Section 3(2) of the Sedition Act, Article 8 and Article 153 of the Federal Constitution. It provides examples, explanations, exceptions, exclusions and exemptions that encourage the advancement of an exemplary civilisation.  Every disadvantage, miscalculation, problem, error or drawback can be wisely handled as an opportunity to heal and not to hurt.

But Public Enemy Number One – our learning institutions – must be sentenced to permanent punishment and removed for the sake, sanity, survival and sense of social responsibility.  A thorough overhauling and replacement must be instituted.

PMX ought to make this his Number One priority. Excellence and meritocracy wait to be welcomed. Government must prioritise achievement of higher levels of learning consistent with the times, otherwise it’s time the people became autodidacts, and retired off existing institutions of learning.

It’s also time the government vigorously and robustly introduced the prioritisation of a Malaysian civilisation – a crucial and core element missing from our national character, identity, and culture.

Imagine the future if we can all rise and help build this civilisation as a lasting monument to a national ethos in a heterogenous society. It is this issue that is lost in translation by the present leadership. Malaysian civilisation is attainable.

The laws cannot afford to fall silent while foolishness, pettiness, hubris, hatred, hypocrisy and disrespect abound. Government must step in, stay in step, and make sure there’s no dancing with the missteps.

The inevitably refreshing mosaic created by the Orang Asli, Malays, Chinese, Indians, Indigenous Natives of Sabah and Sarawak, our miscegenated communities, and others have already created a Malaysian civilisation.

Sadly, government is not encouraged, excited or enthused. ‘National unity’ is a meaningless, muted and maddening Madani model. Malaysians are entitled to a far more promising future.

Malaysian civilisation must flourish for the next thousand years. It cannot be that difficult to prevent and put aside our mindsets, values, beliefs and attitudes that are politically and socially misplaced in a healthy heterogenous society.

Malaysians can come together with esprit de corps as a civilisation that has been developing and flourishing over the last thousand years prior to the arrival of Parameswara and the Portuguese.

Rewriting our laws, rehashing national policies, and obeying the Federal Constitution for the sake of saving and salvaging a civilisation requires prioritisation. PMX must entrust some carefully selected experts to take charge of this national duty.

The Ministry of Unity, the Ministry of Religious Affairs and other ministries may be useful as employment conduits, but they have become unnecessary and wasteful.

Ancient civilisations crumbled and allowed destruction to become their lot because of arrogant leadership. You need not be a saint to be an effective leader, but at least learn the ropes if you decide to stand for elections.

Malaysian civilisation must become a national clarion call for sanity and stability even if equality is not an equitable relief for those who feel disenfranchised or marginalized.

The geopolitical and socioeconomic structures faced by our nation need shoring, saving and salvaging. No excuses. No blaming others. Our leaders must carry a pocket mirror every day to remind themselves as to who’s to be blamed.

Malaysian civilisation is the sum total of a mosaic of humanity who call Malaysia their home. The Middle East and the Far East have contributed to this unique civilization as a ‘token of kinship’ – in the words of the late great Lee Kuan Yew.

What Will Durant said might cause discomfort in the knowledge that any civilization can be destroyed from within, and therefore better not create one? That could not be what he meant.

But what if Malaysian ethos changed dramatically to the extent that all Malaysians know they are in the cradle of a great civilization right here right now. How difficult can it get?

We have come a long way after the colonisers left our shores. Everything we have learned can be put to great use in creating a Malaysian civilisation. What are our leaders reading and learning to improve their knowledge base?

Time to jettison negativity. We must rise above the unnecessary and unwelcome storms. Psychotic politics and delusional politicians must be forced off the stage and scene, if necessary.

Geography and history cannot be rewritten. What has happened has happened. It is what it is. A miracle awaits. Let’s come together, as one people, as midwives, for the birthing of a Malaysian civilisation.


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