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Extinguishing equality and equity

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Equality is giving everyone a shoe; equity is giving everyone a shoe that fits.

– Pembina native American chief

Indigenous communities have fully understood the ancient and the antiquated realities of equality and equity despite the disingenuous legalese that has encouraged and empowered a raging battlefield of bullies by de jure regimes enjoying a monopoly in socio-economic terrorism. Lack of police power by de facto indigenous communities is not a permanent setback.

The science of hermeneutics used in modern day legalese blurs distinctions. Government policies, however unequal and unjust, are forced into submission merely because it is written in a law that chokes and strangulates the truth representing what is fair and honest for one to suppose that justice has dawned.

The Malaysian Parliament has 222 seats: 56 for the Borneo Territories and 166 for Peninsular Malaya. The three equal partners do not enjoy the equal division of parliamentary seats between them. This warped sense of equality and equity is somehow contaminated by a cruelly devious method of constitutional calculation.

Should parliamentary representation of seats be based on population or size of land mass? Statistics say that Sabah has 73,631 square kilometres, while Sarawak enjoys 124,450 square kilometres totalling almost 200,000 square kilometres. Peninsular Malaya totals 132,395 square kilometres. The Thirteenth Schedule of the Federal Constitution (FC) is of no help.

A kampong in some remote part of the Borneo Territories with 780 resident denizens is equally eligible to representation in the state and federal legislatures as is the city with 1 million citizens. The Thirteenth Schedule FC (Articles 113, 116, 117) (Provisions Relating to Delimitation of Constituencies) is written in language void of any mention or reference to the principles of equity and equality despite section 2 of Part 1 claiming established principles.



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