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Contagious CUP culture

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. – Shakespeare’s Hamlet

CUP (Cruel Unusual Punishment) is a psychological necessity, reliable companion, and faithful ally to those running, undermining, and ruining affairs of state. Primarily caused by stinking thinking, it permeates through every nook and cranny of government often requiring the Chatham House Rule. Contagious to the core.

In America, executions by hanging and the (electric) chair were replaced by lethal injection, which before being administered, requires an antiseptic swab cleaning of the area where the needle is to be inserted into the arm of the recipient of a non-CUP punishment to prevent infection that may be fatal!

CUP represents the substitute for intellectual domination which in Malaysia is a destructive, done and a dusted deal no thanks to our ignorant and arrogant persuasions in education, controlled and operated by well-connected incompetents showcasing questionable credentials.

Cruel unusual punishment occurs whenever elected government deliberately disobeys the supreme law of the land. It instead favours extreme policies. The public gaze in shock, awe, confusion, and rage, simultaneously, depending on vocal emissions of semi-qualified and/or semi-conscious leaders.

Parliament listened recently to one of its members make outrageous claims that certain politicians were blood relations of the former Malayan guerrilla leader Chin Peng, the proxy of triple agent Lai Teck. Release of weapons of mass distractions is the lot of Parliament.

The accuser stood by her bizarre claims like she was giving voice and force to an unknown government edict. Nobody reminded this public servant of the savant Khalil Gibran’s advice in The Prophet: “You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts.”

Are the actual blood relations of the anti-colonialist from Sitiawan, Perak, similarly hounded?

CUP is calculated to scale the walls of decency, morality and dignity as the inevitable monopoly of government. Law and justice become collateral damage. Forcing one specific religious belief upon a heterogenous society enjoying freedom of religion is an unstoppable and uncontrollable constitutional outrage.

CUP bedevils the smashing of beer bottles in public as a symbol of non-religious tolerance; brandishing toy guns as a mark of support for a foreign war; questioning Christmas carols; the banning of concerts and books; the shutting down of comedy clubs; and the control of the freedom of expression. Democracy blinked.

CUP conceives, writes, produces and directs political conspiracies with a willing host of third-rate actors. Three governments came and went between February 2020 and 2022. GE-15 parachuted in a coalition government. The Covid pandemic aided and abetted the conspiracy.

PAS won 49 parliamentary seats in GE-15 as the top…


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