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Benign dictator bias

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Mindless, mournful and meaningless politics are brazenly signalling the atrophy of democracy. What if a kind and gentle dictatorship with stable, able, reliable, dependable and capable citizens controlling the control-freaks takes centre stage with a rock-solid independent and intellectually honest judiciary?

President Truman’s point was that government actors, actions and agencies must do things right to win the hearts and minds of the citizenry. Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew proved it. The dictatorship of unpopularity coupled with things done right with people-centric policies and programmes is the preferred coin of the realm.

It’s time to write the obituary for democracy and socialism. People are sick of the old tried and tested ways. New systems of governance must necessarily replace power-crazed politicians.

Abhijit Naskar observed that “all abuse power to climb the social ladder. Be the benevolent crook and use it as a social leveller.” Like a Robin Hood of politics. Rid the rich of their ill-gotten gains and help the commonfolk. “Benevolent crooks” who engineer creative and deterrent laws are preferred instead of kleptocrats and kakistocrats masquerading as plutocrats and autocrats.

How about a kind and gentle dictator for Malaysia? Here, I mean “dictator” with intellectual vigour and integrity in the sense that he or she dictates pragmatic deeds that propagate policies and programmes to keep everyone satisfied in terms of employment, just wages, education, affordable food, housing and clothing, never wanting, never wasting, never whining in an effort to attain contentment.

It’s not utopian to turn to a noocracy comprising wise decision-makers and experienced intellectuals to advise the benign and benevolent dictator. The sole role of governance should be aimed at the promotion of people-centric policies and programmes.


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