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Allusions, illusions and delusions

In a world gone mad, only a lunatic is truly insane

– Homer, Greek poet

A government of men decided that it would be ideal to brand itself as a government of laws. That offered legitimacy. The word “law” made it glorious and noble. Everyone fell for it. That deception veiled as a delusion survives everywhere with an elected government planning and plotting the future.

“A government of laws”, reportedly coined by John Adams, the 2nd US President, was mortally fearful of the aristocracy. He cautioned that “aristocracy was a monster that must be chained”. A societal purge, not a suicidal urge.

Lawmakers, lawgivers, self-interest and greed transformed the landscape, and thinkers were forced to grapple with the question of whether there ever was a dog that praised its fleas.

In America today, the entire machinery of government is geared towards stopping Donald J Trump from becoming the 47th US President. In Malaysia today, the entire machinery of government seems to be running on auto-pilot.

Some irresponsible people have taken the recent UiTM fracas to absurd levels of ignoring and misunderstanding the core issue. There is only one issue. And that issue has nothing to do with characterising UiTM as an “apartheid academy.”

We shouldn’t seek refuge in petty, silly and childish, and child-like government-inspired allusions, illusions and delusions. Government should be made of sterner stuff.

Zealots and extremists make up a government of men. The government of laws should not take on the proportions of a mirage. This is not good optics. This is self-destruction. Treason is committed when the guilty go unpunished.

The trademark irreverence for the tax-paying public by government is reprehensible. Even humour is targeted. Imagine capping and corking laughter and wit. Thank Providence to those who refused to be silenced.

The confrontational interaction between race and religion will never be outlawed. After all, a prison sentence is able to wear a tuxedo and feign house arrest. More mirages in the making.

The mischief caused by misguided leaders betrays a total lack of conscience. But the consciousness to stoke trouble is painfully evident. And the laws fall silent. Recipe for total chaos which the Madani government should take great pains to prevent.

Rope in the troublemakers. Charge them. Try them. Punish them in accordance with the law. Prove to the public that our laws are not a roll of loaded dice. Prove to institutional investors that we are a nation of laws blessed as a safe investment haven.

Truth be told, the so-called 4-R (race, region, religion, ringgit) factor is nothing but a reality check on rage. Differences are man-made. Immature politicians are constantly trying to score some points at the expense of the caring public.

“Useless laws weaken the necessary laws,” warned Montesquieu in his “Spirit of the Laws” Administrators and enforcers of law and justice must exercise this aphorism to the fullest extent.

Law enforcement is another life-altering element that has yet to gain a strong foothold in Malaysia. As long as we insist in remaining a government of men, laws will have no meaning even in written orders, declarations and judgments.

There was a time when Article 4 and Article 125(5) of the Federal Constitution were in the crosshairs of the MACC and the AGC. It was reported that the Chief Justice gave two different views on the same issue concerning the punishment of judges.

Going after judges who delivered practical, appropriate, but unpopular decisions is a dastardly and cowardly act by the executive and the legislature. Lest we forget, in the same breath they mutter “separation of powers”.

Our culture and customs, although extrapolated and excommunicated by Westminster, can withstand any storm. We are a resilient people with Asiatic values and beliefs. The celebrated Mabo 2 case in Australia brought forth aboriginal customs and culture as an accepted form of law.

The Native Title Act 1993 of Australia made sure that Anglo-Saxon law did not exclude local native customs and practices. Malaysia is still weathering illusions, allusions and delusions in this oft-ignored area of the law. But Adat Iban stands tall in Sarawak.

PMX needs a Ministry of Troubleshooters while trimming down his Cabinet. This ministry will sense trouble while it is being concocted, and nip it in the bud before the media makes mighty masala out of it.

Again, Public Enemy Number One is to be blamed – our…


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